At LDD, we recognize the pivotal role of robust security measures in attaining CMMC compliance. Our unwavering commitment to meeting CMMC standards drives us to deploy cutting-edge security tools, ensuring the safety of sensitive data. These tools serve as the bedrock of our approach, fortifying systems against cyber threats while aligning precisely with CMMC requirements. 

Our integration of these tools fosters a culture of strict security practices, allowing us to prioritize a secure environment, enabling organizations to navigate compliance complexities and safeguard their critical data assets at every turn.

Endpoint Protection

Our advanced antivirus and anti-malware apps excel in preemptive threat prevention, swift detection, and thorough removal, ensuring comprehensive protection for your systems against evolving cyber threats. 


Network Security

Empower your network security with our firewall solutions. Effectively control incoming and outgoing traffic, fortifying your systems against unauthorized access and ensuring a robust defense against potential cyber threats.

Utilizing diverse penetration testing methodologies, we rigorously assess system vulnerabilities. Regular testing unveils potential weak points, enabling proactive fortification against evolving threats, ensuring robust resilience in your security infrastructure.

Our content filtering mechanisms diligently manage internet traffic, ensuring strict control over access to inappropriate or malicious content. These robust tools enforce tailored policies, actively blocking or permitting specific websites or content types to fortify network security.

Data Protection

Our backup strategy prioritizes data integrity with offsite backups, ensuring continuity in the face of unforeseen events. Offsite backups offer resilient data recovery, safeguarding against disruptions and bolstering comprehensive continuity planning.

The set of encryption tools we emplopy fortify data at rest and in transit, ensuring comprehensive protection. Safeguarding sensitive information, they uphold security protocols, shielding against unauthorized access and potential breaches.


Vulnerability Management

Our vulnerability scanning tools meticulously detect weaknesses and potential threats, offering proactive insights. This empowers preemptive measures, fortifying systems against vulnerabilities and ensuring robust security posture.

Streamline security updates effortlessly with our patch management tools. Automate deployment, schedule updates, and ensure system resilience by applying critical patches. Safeguard your infrastructure from vulnerabilities and maintain peak performance with ease.

Identity and Access Management

We utilize Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) tools to fortify user authentication by demanding multiple verification steps, like biometrics or SMS codes. This ensures robust security against unauthorized access attempts, safeguarding sensitive data.

At LDD, our dedication to CMMC compliance is evident in our arsenal of cutting-edge security tools. These tools, from endpoint protection to MFA and beyond, fortify defenses, align precisely with CMMC requirements, and safeguard your data. Contact us for comprehensive security strategies tailored to your organizational needs.

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